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Our 2018 Competition Season

Wow!!! What an amazing dance season we’ve had! All our students have worked so hard this season and grown so much! We are so very proud of everyone.

We just want to take a few minutes to brag on our Company dancers and all they’ve accomplished this season!

Since February, our Company dancers have traveled to 3 competitions all across the state! One of our goals this season was to have all dances finished before Christmas break. These dancers worked hard each and every week to do exactly that! Dances were finished before Christmas allowing almost 2 months to clean and perfect each routine! WOW!

Our dancers showed up and showed out at each competition winning many overall placements and judges' awards. Their joy and excitement while receiving their awards makes all of their hard work worth it. As we watched our dancers bring home trophies, ribbons, and plaques we also saw them grow closer together. We love seeing and hearing our students encourage one another and cheer each other on from the audience, the dressing room, and the side of the stage. Our goal is not just for our students to become better dancers but to also become strong, confident-filled ladies and gentlemen. We've seen all of our students grow this dance season and we are so proud of the young men and women they are becoming!

Last weekend our Company dancers traveled to their last competition of the year and really showed out!

Our 5 soloists received 2 Elite Golds, 3 Platinums, a 1st place overall, a 2nd place overall, a 6th place overall, and 3 judges’ awards! Our 2 duet/trios received 1 Elite Gold, 1 Platinum, and a 3rd place overall! Our 7 team dances received 5 Platinums, 2 Elite Golds, a 3rd place overall, a 4th place overall, 2 7th place overalls, and 2 judges’ awards!

We can't express our love and excitement enough! These dancers pushed themselves, worked hard, competed on the appropriate level, and finished the season strong! We've loved seeing their determination and can't wait to see them continue to grow!

All of our dancers will be showing out and shining bright on June 8th as they take the stage! They will be showcasing all of their talent and we invite you to join us in celebrating all of their hard work!


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