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An Unshakeable Confidence

When you think of dancing, your first image isn't of a dancer sitting down, pouring his/her heart out by way of pencil and paper. You probably think of a ballet tutu, pointe shoes or maybe you think of ballroom dancing. Whatever the case may be, your first thoughts are more than likely something physical and not mindful or spiritual.

At Destination Performing Arts Center, we incorporate not only the physical being, but also the emotional/spiritual being as well. During a set-aside class time, we allow the dancers introspective time to sit down and self-reflect. We want their dancing experience to be "wholesome" which should include everything from their mind to their toes. They need to be self-aware of what they may consider their inadequacies and should use what they determine as their strengths to bring about a change in the perception of who they really are.

Our goal as mentors and instructors is to build their confidence to an unshakeable point where the strongest criticism cannot break them down. Competition does not exist only on a dance level, but it exists in the world on a daily basis. How awesome would it be for our students to have an unshakable confidence where no one could tear them down?

Let's all strive to be unshakeable!

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