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Competition 2017

Our Company dancers recently attended our first competition of the season and it was a BLAST! We as dance instructors love the excitement, the rush, the makeup, the hair, and the costumes. It's also a lot of fun running around in tiny dressing rooms clouded in hairspray with bobby pins flying and all of the last minute touch ups before the stage appearance! Most of all we enjoy watching our dance students on stage. Here they get to show off what they've learned and all of their hard work. They did an awesome job! Each one did their best and looked great. They put all of their energy into their dances each time and that's not easy with dances back to back. We are so proud of them and know that they are proud of themselves.

It's also tough to dance in front of judges who have paper and pen in front of them grading the dancers and commenting into a microphone critiquing every move the dancers make, their energy, their smile, and their costumes. They do it though...and they do it well. They also listen to those critiques when we get back to the studio. That's tough but they take the critique as positive advice, build on it and become stronger dancers. That's what makes them so amazing!

They won several awards. One of which we are especially proud of...the "Life of the Party" award. This award was decided by the staff of the competition and was given to one studio that displayed the best attitude and team spirit. Throughout the day we noticed our dancers complimenting other students on their costumes and dances. We were so excited to win this studio award. It was a team effort to bring home this trophy!

The dancers also won several judges awards including the "Make My Heart Sing Award", "Showstopper Award", "Performance Award", and a "Choreography Award." One of our group dances brought home a 1st overall in their division. One of our soloists was also recognized as "Dancer of the Year."

The trophies and awards are nice but watching our dancers shine is the real reward! We love our students and are so proud of their confidence that shines when they are on stage. We would also like to congratulate all of the other studios there to compete. Their dancers all did a great job as well.

Congratulations to our make this ride awesome!

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