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Where does the motivation come from?

School is starting back and with all that's going on you're sure to hear a lot of moans and groans. Teachers and students alike have to summon that motivation or that intense drive that pushes them to get out of bed after a summer long vacation. Most teachers will tell you their major motivation is the students--seeing their faces the first day of class brings about an excitement and the excitement brings about a challenge. The teachers can't wait for those challenging moments. They love getting down on the students level, breaking things down into little pieces, providing examples that might hit a chord--they live for the light bulb moment. It's what drives and motivates them continually throughout the remainder of the year.

Our light bulb moments at Destination Performing Arts Center are very similar. We love the moment the class accomplishes the most difficult step together. We love the "Aha" moments when the student who dislikes ballet the most, comes around and begins understanding the importance of it and develops an appreciation for it-that is our motivation! Our motivation is the students. Our inner motivator is our Creator. The challenges we face as instructors and owners is what also keeps us moving in a positive forward direction.

Our job is to motivate the students to reach their full potential-whether it's by increasing their confidence, conquering a challenging step or overcoming the fear of being onstage. When you send your students to class, you don't send just their legs--you send their mind, body and soul. It is our job to motivate their whole being to reach their destination!

*Stay tuned for the exciting things we have in store this year!

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