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Getting Back to Basics

At DPAC one of our main goals is for all students to have a firm dance foundation to build on. Just like building a house, you must have a solid that can be built on and added to for years to that can't be shaken.

That's why this summer we're getting back to basics! We have classes scheduled for students of all ages and all dance levels throughout the summer. In order to grow as a dancer you must understand the how and why behind every step you learn so you can build on and add to that step in many different ways. When focusing on the how and why, students' technique improves and their knowledge expands to become the best dancers they can be.

You may think...Ok, that's great and all but how will my student benefit in real-life scenarios from being a dancer? Well...we're SO glad you asked!

Through many years of being surrounded by dance we've seen first hand how dance benefits lives. Dance improves health, creates relationships, and enhances self-esteem and confidence.

Scientific studies have shown that dance improves health in many different ways. Dance boosts memory, enhances creativity, reduces stress and depression, improves heart health, increases energy, enhances flexibility and balance, and so much more!

Destination Performing Arts Center is a drama free studio! We are one big dance family. We encourage all students to compliment each other and always build each other up. A few nice words can make a huge impact! We want our studio to be a place where people can come and feel safe to give it their best! We know that it can be hard to always be confident in everything you do but at DPAC we want all of our students to know and completely believe that they are capable of anything they put their minds to. All children are filled with outstanding potential and it's our dream and prayer that they would understand that and know that they have the ability to be amazing!

Whether you are a parent, dancer, or a friend we would like for you to comment below and share with us how dance has positively impacted your life.

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