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New Season...Same Reason

As our first full dance season starts tomorrow I sit here and reflect on how greatly we've been blessed since the very beginning!

As one of the owners of Destination Performing Arts Center I am often times overwhelmed by the amount of support we've received and the amount of success we've seen so far. Since starting DPAC in January we've met a lot of new faces, achieved many great things at competitions, had an awesome premiere showcase, and much much more...I could go on for days! It isn't always easy but I wouldn't change a thing.

I love what I do and who I get to do it with and I don't just love it because I'm one of the studio owners...I love it because I get to work with students who have amazing potential and I want them to understand that they are capable of incredible things not just in dance but in life. I believe that dance builds confidence and enhances self-esteem. I want all of our students to have a confidence so strong that no one could ever convince them that they're not capable of achieving their dreams.

I love doing what I do because I get to build relationships with the awesome parents, friends and family members of our students. We are so deeply thankful for your support and encouragement through everything. If it were not for you we wouldn't be where we are today. Your love means the world to us and we can't say thank you enough!

I love what I do because I know that God has specifically chosen me to be a part of DPAC and a part of every person's life that walks through our doors. I fully believe that God has written each one of our stories and He has designed us all for a purpose. I know that my specific purpose is to make an impact on students, parents, family members, friends, the community,etc. That impact is not designed to bring glory to me or the studio that I'm a part of. All the recognition and glory goes to God, our creator, our director, and our protector.

God puts us in specific places at specific times to go through specific encounters/events to prepare us for the greater things He has is store for us later. We often can't see the blessings that God has in store for us because we're scared of the unknown/change, we're scared of what others may think, or maybe we just don't have the confidence. We can't see the greater things He has planned for us but we have to trust Him enough to let go of what we're used to so we can be given a bigger blessing. I've witnessed this in my own life and pray that each of our students would be able to understand this and believe it with their whole heart. I fully believe that He has great plans for me, DPAC students, our studio, and our community.

Destination Performing Arts Center was created with the soul purpose to utilize God's given talent to enhance a student's confidence and potential. Our name came from a quiet time while reading my Bible one night. While reading my Bible's notes one phrase stood out to me..."Remember Your Destination." Our destination is not on this earth. Our destination as Christians is Heaven spending eternity bringing praise to our Savior! When things aren't always easy...remember your destination. When you just don't think the craziness will ever end...remember your destination. When life is great and and the sun is shining...remember your destination. We try to remind our students of this daily whether that be with our words, our actions, or the songs we choose to dance to. We often times dance to Christian music to teach our students about their purpose on this earth and the power of the God who made them, to make an impact on someone's life who may be watching, and to bring praise and glory to God. We want our studio as a whole to always bring glory to God!

As we gear up for this new dance year/season please join us in praying for our students and everyone who walks through our doors. Pray that they would believe that they were created to do great things! Pray for us as leaders that we will set an example that does nothing but bring glory to God! He is the one who guides us and I know that He created everyone to be DESTINED FOR SUCCESS!

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Destination Performing Arts Center

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