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Our Beginning

Destination Performing Arts Center began with a vision to see students recognize their full potential. We believe to succeed in life one must believe in herself or himself. We believe our Creator has given everyone specific gifts. Our goal is to help students realize their gifts, craft those gifts and present themselves with self confidence and determination.

We had the opportunity and blessing to open the doors of Destination Performing Arts Center (DPAC) in January, 2016. We have seen great things from our students. We have seen determination and it looks wonderful on their faces.

We want DPAC to be a drama-free space for young people. We stress the importance of respecting each other and building each other up.

We can honestly say this six month journey has been awesome so far and has gone way beyond our expectations. The support from parents is so much appreciated. They are always encouraging us and that means so much. We realize the importance and the responsibility of parents entrusting us with their students. We do not take that lightly. The students have been amazing as well. This is a family. We will work together for the students to make them the best they can be. Not competing with each other, but striving for their personal best.

We can't wait to see what the future holds for DPAC.

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Destination Performing Arts Center

- Destined For Success -

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