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What our students are saying...

"What I like about DPAC is that everyone gets along and I'm learning so much here!"


" I like the teachers & dances we do here at DPAC"


"I like the people...the teachers...the dances...EVERYTHING"


"The studio is lit & close to my heart.  DPAC love you guys! XOXO"


"There's nothing to not like! It's just a second home here.  The teachers (aka our 2nd moms) are beyond great! Our can't even think about how great they are, just mindblowing! DPAC is just amazing all around!"


"DPAC is a clean and large studio with kind teachers and students."


"I like how we don't just take dance, we have fun.  Our teachers make sure we have lots of fun while we dance.  It's an amazing experience."


"I like the teachers, people, and choreography.  We have fun and it's great!"


"Our studio is full of love and happiness.  It's a place that if you're feeling down they will make you feel un-down.  That's why I love DPAC!"


"We learn new things and the teachers know what they're doing with all the hard steps to make them easier to learn."


"I love how we all cheer each other on."


"DPAC is a nice and loving environment where everybody can be themself without being judged.  Loving teachers and students...excellent dancers!"




Destination Performing Arts Center

- Destined For Success -

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